Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Blockchain Company (hereinafter “Company”) uses and provides the user’s personal information based on the user’s consent, and actively guarantees the user’s right(the right to control one’s own personal information). Company complies with applicable laws, personal information protection regulations and guidelines of the Republic of Korea, which must be obeyed by information communication service providers. Company’s Privacy Policy refers to guidelines on protecting the user’s valuable personal information which Company is required to comply with, in order to ensure that users use its services with confidence.

The company’s privacy policy includes the followings:

1. The collection of personal information

- Required : name, mobile number, email, partner and inquiry, customer support, inquiry details

- Optional : company name, position, URL, attached file 1(attached file 2, 3)

2. The purpose of collect personal information

- Service delivery, contents delivery, custom service delivery, consulting operations. Etc.

- Dealing with complaints, announcement delivery, dealing with inquiries, and securing communication channel

3. The records on personal information retention and visitation

- Evidence of preservation : Protection of Communications Secrets Act Period of preservation : 3 months